"Growing in Christ and Understanding Why We Are Free Will Baptist"

Congratulations on receiving Chrsit as your personal Savior! This is the most important decision you have ever made in your life. The Christian life is an amazing journey that will take you deep into the pathways of spiritual living.

Receiving Christ is only the beginning. There are many more steps that will help you grow in Him. You will find that by taking the eight practical steps listed below, and applying them to your Christian life, you will encounter great joy, as promised in God's Word.

If you omit one of these steps, you would be robbing yourself of the joy God has intended for you. He wants you to have an abundant life, and you can have it by making these eight steps to joy a priority in your walk with God.

Step 1 - Assurance

Step 2 - Baptism

Step 3 - Church Attendance

Step 4 - Prayer

Step 5 - Bible Study

Step 6 - Giving

Step 7 - Disciple Making

Step 8 - Church History

The Next Step, it is very important for that person to become an active member of a fundamental, Bible believing church. We know that Virginia Beach Free WIll Baptist Church is not the only Bible believing church in Hampton Roads, but it is one that will love and encourage you in every way possible. Our church is known to be "a place where a person with a past can have a future".

Please prayerfully consider becoming an active part of our church family.

Discipleship Training Teacher

Chuck Hodgkins

499-3536 (Church Office)