All Dead Space Remake Suits (RIGs) & how to unlock them (2024)

One of the most iconic features in the game is the Dead Space Remake suits, also known as Resource Integration Gear (RIGs) that the main character, Isaac Clarke, wears throughout his journey. In this article, we will take a look at all of the Dead Space Remake suits.

These suits are Isaac’s first and last level of defense against the Necromorphs in Dead Space Remake. If you want a new look, you can change suits at any Store on the USG Ishimura which are kiosks that you can find in every chapter of the game. Interact with any Store, then go to the Storage tab, then select the suit or RIG you want to put on.

Remember, these Dead Space Remake suits are purely cosmetic and do not offer in-game perks or additional defenses. To unlock the Digital Deluxe Edition suits in the Dead Space Remake, players will need to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.

Dead Space Remake Suits (RIGs) list

There are a total of 10 Dead Space remake suits, 6 of which can be obtained by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • Standard Suit
  • Advanced Soldier RIG
  • DS-08 Legacy RIG Suit
  • Lone Survivor Suit
  • Infested Suit
  • Venture Suit
  • Bloody Suit
  • Sanctified Suit
  • Anodized Suit
  • Burnished Suit

Here are all the Suits you can wear in the Dead Space Remake and how to unlock them:

Standard Suit

The Standard Suit is the first RIG that Isaac wears. This suit is the standard suit worn by all engineers on the USG Ishimura, and it is the most basic suit in the game. It’s enough to save his life more than a couple of times against both the Necromorphs and the environment. Unlike other suit RIGs, the standard suit can be equipped with textures.

How to Unlock: The Standard Suit is unlocked by default.

Advanced Soldier RIG

The Advanced Soldier RIG is made for the USM by the Earth Defense Force, this suit RIG is made for combat and looks outright menacing.

How to Unlock: The Advanced Soldier RIG is a default Level 6 upgraded suit on the New Game Plus mode.

DS-08 Legacy RIG Suit

The DS-08 Legacy RIG Suit is a classic suit designed by the Concordance Extraction Corporation to handle the harsh conditions of outer space for a long while.

How to Unlock: Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition to get the DS-08 Legacy RIG Suit.

Lone Survivor Suit

The Lone Survivor Suit is a corrupted version of the DS-08 Legacy RIG that has experienced the horrors of the Necromorphs. This came back from the deepest depths of the Ishimura growing horns made out of hands.

How to Unlock: Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition to get the Lone Survivor Suit.

Infested Suit

The Infested Suit is a RIG that’s almost a Necromorph. As if Isaac is defying death purely on willpower. It symbolizes Isaac’s determination to save Nicole that he’s willing to brave hell itself.

How to Unlock: Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition to get the Infested Suit.

Venture Suit

The Venture Suit is a proud RIG from the Earth Defense Force for their Engineers. This was adopted after their victory in the Resource Wars. Looks more combat-ready than most of the other suit RIGS in Isaac’s arsenal.

How to Unlock: Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition to get the Venture Suit.

Bloody Suit

The Bloody Suit is a RIG that has clearly been through more than a couple of dead bodies. Like Isaac got caught in a rain of blood.

How to Unlock: Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition to get the Bloody Suit.

Sanctified Suit

The Sanctified Suit is a RIG that’s been made around the lunacy of the Markers. Armored by its demonic words to influence others to make us all whole again.

How to Unlock: Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition to get the Sanctified Suit.

Anodized Suit

The Anodized Suit is a special suit exclusively for those who are subscribed to EA Play Pro. It doesn’t quite cover Isaac’s full body, but it does look more casual compared to his other suit RIGs.

How to Unlock: The Anodized Suit is free only if you subscribe to EA Play Pro.

Burnished Suit

The Burnished Suit is a reward for an achievement for players who beat the Dead Space Remake on the Impossible difficulty. If successful, the player will not only get this suit, but also the “Untouchable” trophy/achievement and a unique Hand Cannon to show that they’re unkillable. Note that you cannot die even once in Impossible mode or you’d have to start from the very beginning.

How to Unlock: Finish the game on Impossible Difficulty to unlock the Dead Space Remake Burnished Suit.

Dead Space Remake Suit Locations

We have listed all schematic locations for your Dead Space Remake Suits (RIGs) and how much each upgrade costs:

Suit Level

Schematic Location



Level 1

Unlocked by default.

12 Inventory Space


Level 2

In the first Store, immediately after Chapter 1 concludes.

Armor 5% DMG Resist

18 Inventory Space

10,000 credits

Level 3

In the EVA Prep Room, after you take the elevator to Captains Nest in Chapter 4.

Armor 10% DMG Resist

22 Inventory Space

20,000 credits

Level 4

In the Equipment Workshop near the SOS beacon in Chapter 7.

Armor 15% DMG Resist

26 Inventory Space

35,000 credits

Level 5

In the Locker Room in the Crew Quarters in Chapter 10.

Armor 20% DMG Resist

26 Inventory Space

60,000 credits

Level 6

Any Store in the New Game+ mode.

Armor 30% DMG Resist

26 Inventory Space

99,000 credits

In Dead Space Remake, suit schematics allow players to level up and upgrade their suits (RIGs). These upgrades include increased inventory space, and additional damage resistance. These schematics can be found throughout the game and are usually located in hidden areas or by completing certain objectives. Every upgrade will automatically be shared across each suit (RIG) you own.

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All Dead Space Remake Suits (RIGs) & how to unlock them (2024)


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