All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (2024)

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (1)

Dead Space Suit upgrades for your rig are mostly done by finding schematics in the world and then paying to have them installed at any of the stores. Each suit upgrade unlocks new inventory space and armor for damage reduction, as well as further upgrade paths to install nodes, and are probably the most important upgrades you can get in the whole game. However, it also means that missing one of those upgrades is a real pain - so we've put together this guide on how to find all the Dead Space Rig upgrades, with suit schematics, what they unlock, and how much you'll have to pay to get them.

How to upgrade your Suit in Dead Space

There's a total of six versions of the Rig suit in Dead Space, each one of which enhances armor, inventory and nodes. Click on them below to find the one you're looking for.

  • Suit Level 1 (Default rig)
  • Suit Level 2 (Store upgrade)
  • Suit Level 3 (Intermediate Engineer Rig)
  • Suit Level 4 (Intermediate Miner Rig)
  • Suit Level 5 (Advanced Engineering Rig)
  • Suit Level 6 (Advanced Soldier Rig)

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (2)

Dead Space and The Red Marker

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (3)

Discover the hidden lore of the Dead Space Marker here...

What's required to obtain these rigs changes, but half of them are obtained by finding schematics in the game, which then provide new store options. So you find the schematic somewhere on the Ishimura, take it back to a shop, and pay to have it installed. The cost increases as the upgrades get better, so you'll want to save a fair amount of credits along the way - but it's always worth it. We'll cover the various suits below, how you get them, and what they have to offer. Or if you want firepower to match, we've also got all the Dead Space Weapons listed here!

Keep in mind that most of these suit upgrades are basically on the critical path, and that you won't need Dead Space security clearance or to complete any sidequests to get them. At most, they're found in slightly divergent rooms that you can encounter while on the main quest.

Dead Space Suit Level 1

  • Inventory: 12
  • Armor: None
  • Location: N/A
  • Cost: N/A

The starting suit for Isaac is the plainest, simplest rig. You'll have this one from the beginning of the game until the chance comes to upgrade roughly an hour or two in.

Dead Space Suit Level 2

  • Inventory: 18
  • Armor: 5%
  • Location: Store Purchase (any store)
  • Cost: 10,000 Credits

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (5)

Once you find any store, the first rig upgrade will be already for sale, a permanent enhancement to your suit. However, this is the last upgrade that's just going to be handed to you - you'll either have to find all the schematics for the others, or go even further for the final upgrade.

Dead Space Suit Level 3

  • Inventory: 22
  • Armor: 10%
  • Location: EVA Prep Room (Chapter 3)
  • Cost: 20,000 Credits

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (6)

Follow the main story until you complete the objective "Reroute Power from Water Purification). Immediately after interacting with the circuit breaker, turn left to see a corridor marked "Exterior Access". Halfway down that, on the right, is a room marked "EVA Prep Room". The schematics for the "Intermediate Engineer Rig" suit are on top of a bench directly opposite you - grab them and bring them back to any store to unlock this upgrade as a purchase.

Dead Space Suit Level 4

  • Inventory: 26
  • Armor: 15%
  • Location: Equipment Workshop/Mining Floor 2 (Chapter 7)
  • Cost: 35,000 Credits

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (7)

After exploring the Mining section of the Ishimura in chapter 7 in pursuit of the SOS Beacon, you'll see Nicole across a gap, and even briefly defend her from Necromorphs. Immediately after this, you'll head down into the Equipment Workshop, where the Intermediate Miner Rig Schematics are on a workbench shown on the map above.

Dead Space Suit Level 5

  • Inventory: 30
  • Armor: 20%
  • Location: Locker Room and Showers for Zero-G Gym/Crew Quarters Floor 4 (Chapter 10)
  • Cost: 60,000 Credits

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (8)

The last upgrade you'll be able to get in your first playthrough, while hunting through the Crew Quarters looking for the "Crew Deck Key", you'll encounter the strange Z-Ball arena. In the room directly opposite that, one of the benches, is this incredibly expensive upgrade.

Dead Space Suit Level 6

  • Inventory: 30
  • Armor: 30%
  • Location: Store Purchase (any store in NG+)
  • Cost: 99,000 Credits

All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (9)

The best suit in the game and as good as a Rig gets, the "Soldier Suit" seen worn by the soldiers in the Valor doesn't offer any inventory upgrades over the previous model, but does offer the best jump in protection. However, you can only get it in New Game Plus, and not only that, it's expensive. After completing the game and starting NG+, it'll be available in the store from the beginning, but it might take a while before you can afford its hefty price tag.

Of course, there are other rigs you can find in Dead Space - they're just not yours. To find all the Dead Space Master Override and crew rigs tips, check out our guide attached!

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All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (10)

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All Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig (2024)


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