Dead Space Remake: All Suit Locations (2024)

Isaac Clarke showed up to work this morning in a multipurpose engineering RIG, and it’s a non-trivial reason why he might live through the Ishimura disaster. In the Dead Space remake, every new suit of armor you can find is a big bonus to Isaac’s survivability. In this guide we will go over where to go to find every suit of armor in the game, as well as some thoughts on how to afford each new upgrade.

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Suits Level 3 through 5 only become available for purchase in the Shop once you find and bring back Schematics for them. These are usually found a little off the beaten path, but if you’re in the habit of regularly searching your environment, you should find them all with little real difficulty.

RIG schematics count towards the Merchant trophy/achievement.

How to Get Suit Level 2

Suit Level 2 (+6 inventory slots, 5% armor; 10,000 Credits) is available in the Shop by default. On a typical run through Chapter 1, you should accumulate just enough money that you can buy the new Suit from the first Shop kiosk in the game.

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How to Get Suit Level 3

The schematic for Suit Level 3 (+4 inventory slots, 10% armor; 20,000 Credits), the Intermediate Engineer RIG, can be found in Chapter 4. On your way to recalibrate the ADS cannons, look for the EVA Prep Room at the base of the elevator that leads up to the trench. The schematic is inside, on a bench towards the back.

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How to Get Suit Level 4

The schematic for Suit Level 4 (+4 inventory slots, 15% armor; 35,000 Credits), the Intermediate Miners’ RIG, is difficult to miss. In Chapter 7, once you gain access to the Workshop, the armor schematic is on the counter right near the SOS Beacon key item.

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How to Get Suit Level 5

The schematic for Suit Level 5 (+4 inventory slots, 20% armor; 60,000 Credits), the Advanced Engineering RIG, is in the bathroom on the first floor of the Crew Deck. You should happen across it in the locker room while you’re looking for the Crew Deck Keycard.

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How to Get Suit Level 6

Suit Level 6 is one of the rewards you get for your first clear of the game. It gives you access to the last few empty nodes on the suit’s upgrade tree, expands your inventory to 30 slots, and caps you out at 30% armor. It will automatically appear in the Shop’s menu and costs a cool 99,000 Credits, which is the most expensive single purchase in the game.

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The level 6 suit also happens to be the same armor that’s worn by the marines on the USS Valor, which is sobering because it sure didn’t seem to do them any good. As you move into the harder difficulties, however, that extra damage resistance can make all the difference.

Credits Rule Everything Around Me

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As you may have noticed from the above text, buying armor is the single biggest cash sink in Dead Space. Maxing out Isaac’s RIG will cost a total of 125,000 Credits across your initial run through Dead Space.

To be fair, that’s not as much as it sounds like. The further into the game you get, the more frequent it is to find fixed drops of 1,200 to 1,600 Credits as you explore, and you can loot a lot of valuable Semiconductors for their resale value.

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As long as you don’t immediately burn every credit you get on Power Nodes and/or survival essentials like Med Packs, it’s actually not that difficult to have enough cash in reserve for each new suit.

If you’re really looking to maximize your credits on your first run, the Story difficulty in the Dead Space remake gives Isaac a mutant healing factor. Any time you take damage from any source on Story mode, Isaac will automatically regenerate to full health on his own without consuming any resources.

That removes any need for you to carry Med Packs around, so you can sell any you find. A single Large Med Pack is worth 5,000 credits in Shop value, which adds up quickly. That lets you upgrade Isaac’s suit to its maximum, so you can take on Hard difficulty in NG+ with some extra damage resistance.

With that, you know how to get all the suits in Dead Space and can afford them with ease. For more tips on the Dead Space remake, feel free to visit our guides page.

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Dead Space Remake: All Suit Locations (2024)


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