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Throughout Dead Space, you'll be able to unlock a variety of suits, ranging from upgrades to Isaac's standard armour to skins that change the look entirely. Most of these suits are unlocked by purchasing the Deluxe Edition or subscribing to EA Play Pro, although Isaac's standard suit upgrades are found through schematics which must be picked up in the environment.

We'll run you through each of Isaac's suits, how to get them and how many credits you'll have to spend to wear them. Here's how to find every suit in Dead Space.


Dead Space Suit Guide: How to Get Every Suit

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Isaac Clarke's Level 1 RIGIsaac Clarke's Level 2 RIGIsaac Clarke's Level 3 RIGIsaac Clarke's Level 4 RIG
Isaac Clarke's Level 5 RIGIsaac Clarke's Level 6 RIGDS-08 Legacy RIGLone Survivor Suit
Infested SuitVenture SuitSuit Textures

Isaac Clarke's RIGs

Let's first start with the various upgrades to Isaac Clarke's standard suit found via schematics throughout the campaign. There are a total of six additional RIGs and three schematics to find if you want to upgrade to the final stage of the outfit. Let's run through each RIG individually.

Isaac Clarke's Level 1 RIG

This is the first RIG you'll have access to the game and is automatically equipped when hitting the new game option. It's Isaac's default RIG and doesn't feature much armour.

Isaac Clarke's Level 1 Rig

Isaac Clarke's Level 2 RIG

This is the first major upgrade to the RIG, although it doesn't require a schematic to access. Once you reach the first store at the end of Chapter 1, you'll find it automatically added to the items on sale. It costs a total of 10,000 credits.Fr


After purchasing it, Isaac will equip the outfit, which acts as a heavier-duty take on the original suit. It has a larger inventory capacity and extends the number of upgrades Isaac can apply to the suit at a workbench.

Isaac Clarke's Level 2 Rig

Isaac Clarke's Level 3 RIG

The second upgrade to the RIG is found in Chapter 4, with the schematic appearing during the section where Isaac has to recalibrate the ADS cannons in The Bridge. On the way to the cannons, you'll be able to find the schematic in the EVA Prep Room, just to your right while heading down the corridor leading to the airlock. The location is shown on the map below. It costs 20,000 credits to purchase and offers additional inventory slots and damage protection.

Isaac Clarke's Level 3 Rig

Isaac Clarke's Level 4 RIG

The schematic for the third RIG upgrade is found in Chapter 7, popping up shortly after Isaac has his first encounter with Nicole in Mining. This one's hard to miss, as you'll find it on a table in the Equipment Workship, which is the same room where you locate the SOS Beacon during the events of the story. It costs 35,000 credits, offering additional inventory space and damage protection.

Isaac Clarke's Level 4 Rig


Isaac Clarke's Level 5 RIG

After accessing The Crew Quarters in Chapter 10, you'll find a gym where you need to partake in a basketball mini-game to get your hands on a battery that powers up a nearby elevator. When you reach this area, look for a spot on the map labelled Standard Bathrooms. They're just opposite the entrance to the basketball area. Head inside and look on the bench next to the lockers. You'll find the Level 5 RIG schematics.

The RIG itself costs 60,000 credits and provides the maximum inventory space as well as additional damage protection.

Isaac Clarke's Level 5 Rig

Isaac Clarke's Level 6 RIG

The actual method for getting your hands on Isaac's final RIG upgrade doesn't require you to find any schematics at all. All you have to do to unlock it is complete the game. Once you do, you'll get a notification revealing that you've received additional credits, power nodes, text logs and, most importantly, the Advanced Soldier RIG. Boot up New Game Plus and play through the first segment of the game again.

Once you've got the tram system up and running, you'll be able to find the first shop next to the tram station. Head in there and the schematic will be uploaded. The suit itself costs a whopping 99,000 credits but offers unparalleled damage protection.

Isaac Clarke's Level 6 Rig


Additional Skins

Now, let's run through each of the bonus skins you can equip that change Isaac's look completely.

DS-08 Legacy RIG

The DS-08 Legacy RIG is a callback to Isaac's original design in 2008's Dead Space, and is available in your storage as soon as you reach the first shop.

Lone Survivor Suit

The Lone Survivor suit is a skin that shows Isaac going full survivalist. It's acquired by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Infested Suit


The Infested suit shows a version of Isaac overtaken by the necromorph infection. It's part of the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Venture Suit

The Venture Suit is a variation of Isaac's RIG modelled after the EDF Corp of Engineers. It's part of the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Suit Textures

Suit textures aren't full suits, but instead shader swaps you can apply to Isaac's current RIG. Here are all available textures and how to unlock them.

  • Burnished - Turns Isaac's suit black and the colour of his RIG lighting red. Acquired by completing the game on Impossible difficulty.
  • Bloody - Covers Isaac's suit in blood. Acquired by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • Sanctified - Adds Unitologist marker scrawlings to Isaac's suit. Acquired by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • Anodized - Adds an anodizing sheen to Isaac's armour. Only accessible by subscribing to EA Play Pro.

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