Dead Space vs Dead Space Remake: A Side-by-Side Comparison for Gamers - 33rd Square (2024)

As a long-time Dead Space fan who has completed both the highly acclaimed 2008 original and the recent 2023 remake, I‘m in a unique position to offer an in-depth side-by-side analysis of their key differences and similarities.

In this 1800+ word guide tailored specifically for fellow gamers, we‘ll explore how the Dead Space remake builds upon the terrifying foundation of the sci-fi survival horror classic across various fronts:

Table of Contents

  • An Even More Haunting Story
  • Next-Gen Visuals Bring the USG Ishimura to Life
  • Gunplay Evolved for Strategic Dismemberment
  • Audio Design That Will Give You Chills
  • Modernized Inventory and Upgrade Systems
  • Gruesome Gore Thanks to New Peeling Tech
  • Additional Content Extends Lore and Replayability
  • The Definitive Way to Experience This Survival Horror Gem

An Even More Haunting Story

Veterans know Dead Space delivers a compelling story of engineer Isaac Clarke‘s fight for survival after the mining starship USG Ishimura turns into a bloodbath. The remake retains this iconic campaign while expanding it for an even richer experience:

  • An additional 5 hours of main story content with expanded sequences.
  • 6 all-new side missions fleshing out characters like medical officer Lexine Murdoch.
  • Optional missions add lore details, like the damaged RIG of dead captain Mathius.
  • 80+ documents providing histories of key rooms and areas in the Ishimura. It‘s easier to get lost in the dread-filled setting now!

As a result, I found the remake‘s story and campaign deeper and more haunting thanks to these carefully considered additions. Revisiting beloved characters now with richer backstories was a particular highlight.

Next-Gen Visuals Bring the USG Ishimura to Life

The Dead Space remake utilizes current-gen capabilities to realize the atmospheric mining starship more intricately than ever before:

  • Native 4K visuals at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X/PS5 powered by the Frostbite engine, with PC ray tracing support.
  • Intricately detailed texture work and materials recreating surfaces realistically with physics-based rendering. You can almost feel the cold, rusting metal!
  • Volumetric effects like fog, smoke and steam up the creepiness across the ship‘s dark halls.

Facial animations also showcase more emotional nuance on key characters, while action setpieces like debris trajectories or Necromorph hordes storming towards you are downright cinematic!

As a result, moving through the foreboding blood-stained corridors genuinely feels like stepping into a sci-fi horror movie come to life.

Dead Space vs Dead Space Remake: A Side-by-Side Comparison for Gamers - 33rd Square (1)

The iconic sci-fi horror setting of the USG Ishimura looks more atmospheric than ever thanks to cutting-edge graphics and effects (Image credit: EA)

Gunplay Evolved for Strategic Dismemberment

While retaining the same signature weapons like the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle, combat mechanics have been modernized considerably to feel smoother and more tactical:

  • 360-degree aiming coupled with improved recoil and handling provide tighter, more responsive shooting whether playing on controller or M/KB.
  • Faster movement animations and input buffering make dodging and repositioning more natural.
  • New mechanics like weapon-specific secondary fire give you additional tactical options.

However, strategic dismemberment remains crucial – strip that bladed arm off a charging Slasher, then blow off the legs! Key weak points also return, like sticking a Grenade Launcher shot into a Brute‘s open shoulder cavity.

Despite (or because of!) 100+ hours across both games, I still clench up when a pack of Necromorphs scrambles toward me. The tense, savage gunplay remains extremely compelling.

Audio Design That Will Give You Chills

The Dead Space remake‘s sound design is tremendously more immersive thanks to next-gen advancements:

  • 6000+ sound effects redone from scratch compared to the original‘s 3000.
  • Dolby Atmos 3D spatial surround support on Xbox Series X accurately simulated distance, environment occlusion and directionality.
  • This lets disturbing noises like screeches or skittering come from unexpected directions, keeping you on edge!

The attention to detail is insane – you can even hear the gory tearing noises of Necromorph flesh getting blasted off or peeling! Coupled with improved mixing to Keep levels appropriate amidst chaos, next-gen sound ratchets up the haunting atmosphere significantly whenever I don my headphones.

Modernized Inventory and Upgrade Systems

While the Dead Space remake retains the core loop of conserving resources and upgrading Isaac‘s suit/weapons at benches to survive encounters, several quality-of-life improvements reduce frustrations:

  • Increased inventory space means less time agonizing over what to drop or pick up.
  • Streamlined organization without overlapping items makes managing inventory faster.
  • Detailed stats give better insight into upgrade benefits and planning.

Core strategy still requires balancing weapon attachments against suit upgrades given limited Power Nodes. But the remake‘s UI and inventory changes polished my survival loop satisfaction considerably – I can now focus more on the tense sci-fi horror!

Gruesome Gore Thanks to New Peeling Tech

Few games realize gory dismemberment as vividly as Dead Space, but the remake takes brutality to new levels via the "peeling system":

  • Muscle fibres, organs and eventually bone procedurally rip and tear as you blast/slash Necromorphs.
  • Persistent corpses that don‘t suddenly disappear make combat areas feel genuinely blood-soaked.
  • Dismembered limbs left alone disgustingly mutate with sprouting tentacles!

Seeing flesh graphically tear off the Enhanced Slasher or a Puker‘s guts spill out never fails to make me queasy. Expertly balancing disturbing body horror with satisfying gameplay, the overhauled gore adds to combat‘s gruesome fun.

Additional Content Extends Lore and Replayability

Alongside retaining beloved elements like zero-g segments, the Dead Space remake has considerable exclusive content that provides incentives for double or triple dips:

  • Multiple replayable side missions focusing on key characters to break up the tense main story.
  • Optional objectives scattered through levels that provide lore entries and story tidbits upon completion.
  • Unlockable Classic mode that restricts features for added challenge (no aim assist etc.)
  • New Game+ with buffed enemies, but also new weapon variants and suits to discover.
  • Secret added ending connects directly to Dead Space 2!

After 55 hours, I‘m still finding cool secrets – this additional content shows developer Motive‘s attention to detail in refining Dead Space‘s compelling world for established fans.

The Definitive Way to Experience This Survival Horror Gem

As both a long-time Dead Space admirer since 2008 and a games writer who has covered numerous horror titles, I can confidently declare the Dead Space remake the quintessential way to experience this sci-fi survival horror gem in 2024.

It retains the original‘s brilliantly balanced combat, foreboding atmosphere and compelling protagonist tests against deadly odds. But current-gen technology coupled with thoughtful quality-of-life enhancements reduce frustrations while expanding lore and content.

Simply put, Dead Space has never felt tighter to play or looked/sounded more atmospheric before. Both fresh recruits and returning veterans should absolutely slam on a pair noise-cancelling headphones and brace themselves for the USG Ishimura‘s halls once again – few games deliver tense, brutal survival action more masterfully!

Just remember to pause occasionally to slow your pounding heart. Trust me, the Necromorphs aren‘t going anywhere!

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Dead Space vs Dead Space Remake: A Side-by-Side Comparison for Gamers - 33rd Square (2024)


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